Frequently asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Hydrotherapy is the act of physiotherapy in water. There are many benefits to hydrotherapy for dogs, read our page on hydrotherapy to find out more. 

Its true that not every dog enjoys water or getting wet, but hydrotherapy is performed under a controlled environment designed to help dogs relax. The water is warm and not cold like puddles or rivers. Over the years we have treated thousands of dogs that didn’t like water, but after a few sessions they would try to run and jump into the pool ( if they were allowed).

Swimming is a natural response for dogs once they are in water and cant touch the bottom, the doggy paddle was named after dogs! There are some dogs that swimming doesn’t come naturally to, but these dogs will either use the underwater treadmill where they can touch the bottom or will be helped and guided by our team of hydrotherapists in the pool. No dog swims unattended. 

Currently the best way to book an appointment is to call and speak to one of the team. you can email us too for some advice, but unless you get a direct response stating the time of your appointment then call to confirm. 

In order to keep your pets as safe as possible we do require that all animals treated with us get a health check with their vet. The vet will then sign a referral form that states the health ad any conditions your pet suffers from. This allows us to provide the best care we can. 

No! hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and nutritional supplementation can help a wide range of pets and conditions, from growing large breed puppies to old dogs with arthritis. Hydrotherapy is great as tool for weight loss and exercise and some elite level agility and flyball dogs use hydrotherapy to strengthen the muscles and make them fitter and faster!

We always advise that you look at the small print of your pet insurance policy for details or give them a call. There are lots of pet insurance providers that cover complimentary treatments like hydrotherapy.