Our Centre

Here at Moredge we want to provide the best facilities we can, all under one roof. From a perfectly sized canine swimming pool, to a top of the range underwater treadmill. at our centre its not just the facilities we work hard on, we strive to make every patient and client we have as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Even dogs that “don’t like water” love coming to Moredge. Take a closer look at our centre below.

The pool

Our pool is a purpose built design that utilises the space perfectly. Large enough for dogs to swim and be able to turn with ease. It also incorporates jet streams so patients can swim against the flow! We keep our water at 29 degrees so its the most beneficial for hydrotherapy. The pool is filtered continuously and is checked three times a day to make sure the chlorine levels are correct. We also test the water regularly for bacteria to keep our patients (and staff) safe! 

The underwater treadmill

Our underwater treadmill is controlled by a touch screen. It allows us to accurately select the speed the patient needs to walk at. With doors each end and glass all round patients find it easy to step in and out and don’t feel confined whilst inside.  The water is kept at 29 degrees like the pool and is filtered continuously. 

The atmosphere

Here at Moredge we absolutely love animals. The staff are incredibly adept at managing and dealing with dogs of all sizes and temperaments. It is part of our philosophy here to make every patient feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Its true that some dogs do not like water, but after a few sessions with the team here they end up running into the centre desperate to get in the pool!