The world of supplementation is vast and confusing. Here at Moredge we have decided to make it simpler. Working with a leading neutraceutical company we can now offer a range of supplements that provide the best support for the conditions that we see on a daily basis. 


As a rehabilitation centre we see a lot of injuries and diseases of joints. Discover how our supplements can benefit the joints, aid in recovery and slow the progression of arthritis.


Did you know that 1 in 5 visits to the vets are because of skin related issues? We know how important looking after the skin and coat of animals is especially those that swim regularly with us. Our gentle shampoo/ conditioning mousse and Omega fatty acids help maintain a healthy skin barrier.

Well Being

Supplements are not just for those that are injured or have a disease. Growing dogs benefit from extra joint support and Omega fatty acids are known for their joint/skin/heart helping properties.


MorMove is our own joint supplement containing green lipped mussels. GLM has been shown to reduce inflammation in joints and help prevent further cartilage degredation. This makes MorMove an ideal supplement for dogs suffering from osteoarthritis.


MorFlex is our joint supplement based on the Glucosamine and Chondroitin base. It also contains many other natural ingredients that can help like turmeric and Boswellia extract. This supplement is great for overall joint health and post injury rehabilitation. 


MorOmega is a highly potent, bioactive blend of fatty acids featuring high grade marine lipids. The Omega-3 especially the EPA and DHA components help support the body. Particularly where imflammation is present in the joints, skin and cardiovascular system. It can also be used as an additional support in other diseases and conditions.  


MorMousse is a dermatological mousse used for deodorising and cleansing of hair and skin without the need for wetting. Its gentle formula is designed to leave the important lipid layer of the skin intact while still cleansing and removing dandraff and scurff. It is ideal for puppies and kittens where frequent wetting can dry out the skin.


MorFresh shampoo contains cleansing components that was away dirt to leave the coat shiny and soft. The active ingredients have been carefully selected to deliver a soothing action that helps restore the important lipid layer of the skin and to reduce the amount of dry scales and reduce itching.